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Lizzie - Life After Death

Director: Jess Reed

Pleases prepare a dramatic monologue that is under two minutes in length.


Cast Breakdown:

Lizbeth/Lizzie Borden - 30s/40s - The alleged murderer of her father and step-mother.

Emma Borden - 40s/50s - Lizbeth’s sister.

Nance O’Neil - 30s - Lizbeth’s friend, an actress.

Bridget Sullivan - 30s/40s - The Bordens’ former maid. Must have Irish dialect.

Hannah Nelson - 60s - The housekeeper of Maplecroft. Doubles with Abby Borden in flashbacks.

Doctor Bowen - 60s - A doctor from Fall River. Doubles with Andrew Borden in flashbacks.

Disclaimer - This play contains references to sexual assault, homophobia, murder, and incest. Please take caution and care in regard to these subjects.

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